Saturday, 16 October 2010

Interesting Topic : PlayStation Move

PS MOVE Pictures, Images and Photos

Sony has finally revealed the name and form of its new motion controller for the PlayStation, the PlayStation Move

According to Sony, the Move has better motion tracking than the Wii. Oddly enough, each controller (both mainhand and offhand) count as a “controller” for the PS3’s 4 controller cap. This means that only two people will be able to play with both hands at a time. For a group of three or four, players will only be able to use the main hand controller.

movecont Pictures, Images and Photos

PS MOVE Pictures, Images and Photos

The PS Move also requires the Playstation Eye. While the Wii uses infrared to detect the location of Wiimotes, the Playstation apparently uses the visible spectrum of light.

The colors, Duke, the colors. Apparently, the bulb at the end of the Move is not made of a colored material. Rather, it is sort of pearly and transparent. Three LEDs inside theoretically allow it to be any color in the spectrum, and it uses its connection with your Playstation’s Eye to tell which colors would be most vibrant and easy to “see” based on the color content of the room.

PS Move Pictures, Images and Photos

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